Monday, November 23, 2009

Pumpkin Cake!!

I'm really not a carrot cake kind of person, but I somehow picked up this box at the store. Lo and behold, I discovered something wonderful... a recipe for PUMPKIN CAKE!!

It was just as those almost-fall days were approaching: where the temperature is the same, the leaves have only begun to get a tinge of color, and you can only just smell the change starting to happen. It was pumpkin time.

It is a super easy recipe. I whipped it up in minutes!

This is to die for with some cream cheese frosting, which I just made with a half stick of butter and cream cheese, with powdered sugar added until the consistency is right. And a touch of vanilla.

Only downfall? The price. I think I bought it for $4.69 on sale. Ouch! Granted, it is an organic product which typically drives up the price a tad (although less lately overall, it seems).

I did branch out and try the banana bread mix, with which I was less than impressed. Even though I was "careful not to underbake" as the directions warned, and my first slice wasn't too shabby, it soon turned into a gummy glob. I'm not going to say it wasn't my fault (double negative?) but this is not my favorite.

Pumpkin cake is! Time to go make frosting.

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