Monday, August 31, 2015

What took you so long??

How many times have I tried and failed to post since December, 2013?

A lot. Not sure how many. Mainly because my memory since that time is basically one blur of pure survival.

Why, you ask?

Kid number two was conceived, incubated, birthed, and is now one year old.


Pregnancy was a breeze. Kidding. The pregnancy itself was fine, I suppose. I was so run down from dealing with a precocious and potty-training two-year-old and her petri dish that everything else was just kind of like, "Oh yeah. I'm growing a baby, too."

I was sick with a cold or something every 3-4 weeks. So basically, I was constantly sick and unwilling to chance taking any evil drugs.

I was a witch with a capital B.

But anywho, here we are a year and a half and change later. I have a beautiful baby boy who is fast leaving babyhood behind. I have an opinionated four-year-old girl who challenges me all day, every day. Eating still sucks, I just have more people to micromanage their eating habits. And I might sleep someday.

So I'll finish my life story eventually. I may even post it. But for now, you're probably going to just get my exhausted ramblings.

It's gonna be great :)