Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to post, what to post...

I have so many Celiac-related topics that endlessly swirl around in my foggy little head that I find it ironic when I'd like to write a useful, thought out post and all I can come up with is uhh....

I need a theme.

I've thought about "What I ate today" for a few reasons- it would help me keep track of what I eat, maybe give out some ideas of real-life Celiac eating, and mostly help me determine what keeps glutening me (unless it is from my kitchen, which I'm starting to suspect sometimes...)

I've also thought about writing some medically applicable articles for lay Celiacs, like decoding Celiac-related journal articles, especially about upcoming ideas for drug treatment. That sounds like a lot of work-related work. No time right now.

I've also thought about recipes, but lots of people do that, and I'm not a cook. I throw stuff in a pan and hope it turns out edible!

I'm realizing more and more how much the GF diet (mostly lack thereof) affects every aspect of my life. I think it would help me to blog about that. Maybe you can relate.

So- in conclusion, this blog is going to be a random buffet of posts just like it has been.

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