Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still Failing

It's been awhile. I'm still failing at staying un-glutened for more than a week. I start to feel good, then it's back down the spiral we go.

I have learned that just because it says gluten free, it is not always to be trusted. (I should have known that before.) I was starting to feel decent last week until I had a craving for baked spaghetti. Ok, I thought, why not? I have some Tinkyada pasta, I'll buy some sauce and cheese and make some! Pretty simple, right? 3 ingredients.

Beware Classico sweet basil sauce, oh gluten-free friend. Only after I immediately became ill when eating it did I think to look it up online. According to quite a few people on the boards, I am NOT the only one who has had a problem. Beware the sauce. (Yes, it says GF right on the label.)

On another note- how is it possible to be instantly nauseous when ingesting gluten unknowingly? It wasn't until the next day that I suspected a gluten reaction. I've had this happen multiple times. I think I'm sick or I waited too long to eat or I'm stressed out or something, only to find out that it was gluten. There isn't even time for it to reach my duodenum! Go figure.

I'm not sure what to do anymore. I felt it again tonight, only not as severe. I now have some DH to prove it. I've got to figure out what else I'm reacting to. Yikes.

I'm hoping that someday, this site will serve as more than just my gripe fest. I want it to be hopeful and cheerful and full of life and inspiration! I guess we'll all just have to wait impatiently in negativity until I somehow get my act together.


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LkGrgGrrl said...

As a fellow Celiac, I sympathize. I have also taught myself how to cook. You can't trust anything. A couple of things to keep in mind: cross-contamination comes from everywhere! Even gluten free products can be cross-contaminated by the place they're manufactured. The other thing is to read between the lines when looking at ingredients. A can of tuna fish says "Tuna, Vegetable Broth" which sounds ok right? Vegetable Broth is made from Boullion. Boullion is made using wheat flour - hidden contamination. I make all of my own foods, broths, gravies, etc, from scratch. Good luck and be safe.