Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 1

Here's the food breakdown for today. (and yes, I do snack all day)

B- smoothie with:
  • frozen bananas, strawberries, and blackberries
  • Stonyfield blueberry yogurt
  • some natural PB
  • a splash of Simply Orange with mango.
Weird combo, I know, but I like the PB&J flavor of it. May I also mention that I love Stonyfield yogurt. Too expensive, but not too sweet and not too tangy!

Morning snack- apple with PB and honey

L- leftover chicken and rice noodle stuff (posted prior). I've felt funky the last couple times I've eaten this recipe, so I'm not sure which component is the culprit. I used Dynasty Maifun, Mizkan rice vinegar, and San J wheat-free tamari. Everything else is pretty much whole foods. I've looked to see if anyone else has had issues with these products, and I can't find anything. Maybe it's something else.

Afternoon snacks (more like pre-dinner...)-
  • snow peapods
  • a nectarine
  • Sargento lite string cheese along with some cut up cherry tomatoes from the farmers market!
  • I also broke down and had a small bag of Smartfood popcorn.
Speaking of Smartfood, a Lays product, I have trusted Lays for awhile. I'm not sure if I do now. Sure, they have a GF list. They also have a huge disclaimer at the bottom (CYA) that says that they use gluten on the same lines as the supposedly GF lines. I've heard of enough people playing roulette with Lays products (50/50 chance of getting sick...) that I vowed to avoid them to figure out what is secretly glutening me. I cracked today.

D- This was a new one for me- Mrs. Leeper's corn/vegetable pasta with a touch of butter, EVOO, and parm. I don't necessarily recommend it. The pasta fell apart at al dente. I wasn't expecting my combo to taste like much, but it was even more bland than I anticipated. It did satisfy my carb craving, however.

I may just have to break down and have a half glass of wine. My current favorite is Sutter Home's Chenin Blanc. Sometimes, even small amounts of wine make me flush. Darn sulfites! I do need to continue researching wine/gluten safety. I don't know enough about the process to know where the problems arise...

Day 1 is done!

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Singing Celiac said...

Good luck!

I've been dealing with Celiac for over fives years now and I remember how rough it was to start out. Ugh!

I have a bunch of other allergies, but even prior to that, I found that vinegar of all kinds, including rice, seemed to increase my symptoms. Maybe it has to do with the acid? I don't know. But that might be something to test with that recipe you mentioned.

I enjoy Fage yogurt, but it, too, is pricey. Why can't our food be as cheap as everyone else's?! Sigh.

Happy eating (as much as possible)!

-Katie aka