Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome All Celiacs!

I hope you feel welcome at my new blog, Sarcastic Celiac. If you're visiting here, you probably know as well as I do that the gluten-free "lifestyle" (to be politically correct) isn't always a bed of roses. Definitely more to it than meets the eye.

That's where this blog comes in. Real experiences from a real person who is really trying to be real. A place for tips and tricks, myth debunk-ification (yes, that's now a word), and maybe some humor?!

Note: sometimes it's hard to find humor in gluten. (Yesterday, I didn't find it so humorous on my way to the Ladies' Room). BUT I'll try to keep things on the lighter side.

A little about me: you already know that I'm female. Unless you think that I like to spy in the Ladies' Room like Dwight Schrute... Moving on...

I've been diagnosed by tTG antibody and EGD with biopsy for over a year now. Doesn't mean it's gotten easier per se, but I've sure learned a lot along the way.

I have degrees in pharmacy and chemistry. Therefore, I sometimes know what I'm talking about when it comes to medical jargon, research, etc. from my own experiences and in trying to educate others (doing presentations and writing articles related to Celiac and other intolerances). However, I might be wrong sometimes- more on this later.

Comments are welcome, but screened. No overtly mean people. Granted, the internet is hardly the place for my sarcasm... I anticipate a few misunderstandings... so get out that uncontaminated salt shaker of yours- you might need a few grains along the way.

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