Friday, August 29, 2008

My rocky relationship (with Walmart)

Yes, I've been dealing with a serious love/hate relationship with Walmart for awhile now.

The first time I brought home some random Walmart brand item and it said to me those two beautiful words...

Gluten Free

in big, bold white letters on the label, it was love at first sight. I vowed to shop there forever, even though I object to Walmart taking over the world (or at least the retail world).

But then I tried doing my grocery shopping Walmart for real. After all, it is the only place on my way home from work. And it is supposedly "Super". It had the potential to be my saving grace as I'm rushing home from another 10-11 hour day.

Sure, they do a great job of labeling their generic Walmart brand items. Being the cheapskate that I am, I love being able to buy the off-brand with the confidence that my swiss cheese does not contain gluten. Or my frozen fruit. Or my peanut butter. Or especially my pizza sauce.

BUT (you knew this was coming eventually, right?)
There is no GF bread to toast with the cheese. No Enjoy Life bagels to slather the peanut butter on. (And yes, I like to dangle my participles). No pizza crust to slather with the GF sauce. I've pretty much gotten used to an existence without GF replacement products. I never have been much of a sandwich eater. There are certain products, however, that are worth the extra time, money, and effort to add to my GF repertoire. More on that some other time.

It would just be nice if I could get them at the same store as everything else. The other chain grocery stores in my area at least have a meager GF section. Way to go, Meijer and Kroger. Some Nut Thins, Mrs. Leeper's (a new and exciting discovery), a thin assortment of pastas, selected Enjoy Life products, they are at least trying. Some even carry the kinnikinnick pizza crusts for the low price of an arm and a leg.

Grocery shopping falls pretty far down the list after a long day at work. I'm sure you can relate. We get by for as looooooong as possible before going to the store. I get tired of making individual lists for individual stores and individual trips.

Meal planning is complicated enough, shopping has been improving over the last year. Walmart needs to put that second foot firmly on the bandwagon and start carrying some allergy-friendly products.

Maybe then, Walmart will actually take over the world.

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