Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Factual Update

update for the food list:

No more yogurt, no more chocolate chips. Too many variables, and the yogurt seemed to be hit or miss. Sad, because it was an easy source of protein.

No more paper towels from work. Made a pretty distinct connection. Didn't know there could be gluten in paper towels. Now I know.

Tried eggs for awhile. Seemed ok. Got another batch of them from a different store. Now I'm not sure. Back off of them.

Tried almonds, pecans, and raw sunflower seeds from Nuts Online. Seemed ok, but again, still having some problems. Back off them til I figure it out.

My dishwasher (4 months old) is making funny noises. More loud and grinding than funny, I guess, especially considering my dependence on it. I've been advised not to use it until the repair guy comes Friday. Sigh.

Good news, I started getting boxes of organic produce again. I also keep hoping that there is a chicken in my future.... if we can ever get a time coordinated to pick one up from our friend who raises chickens. Been trying for almost two months now.

Also tried the probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. Very interesting that there is a lot of literature supporting its use in various diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (mostly UC). Nothing with Celiac specifically, but it is worth a shot, especially since I've been semi buying into the whole candida theory of late. I'm looking for another GF product for this, as buying Florastor is kicking my wallet in the gut. It seems to be helping, but I'm never sure due to the many variables I'm dealing with. Funny how I just happened across this stuff, I had never heard of it.

That's pretty much the update. I hope, someday, when I'm not spending every waking moment cooking boring, bland food, that I will post some fun things. Like ideas or recipes. But right now, I'm just working on getting better.

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