Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm trying...

I'm down to a pretty sparse list of foods at the moment. Funny how my husband is eating lots of fast food and losing weight. Anywho, here is my list for posterity.

  • coffee- just Great Value brand from Walmart, French roast and decaf mixed. Always promise myself to slowly increase the ratio of decaf to caff...
  • sugar- 1 tsp., I forget the brand, something about Florida and it is the "natural" sugar stuff, whatever that really means...
  • yogurt- Stonyfield Farm organic blueberry yogurt, GFCO certified. (Note: tried the vanilla flavor last weekend and started to feel symptoms within about 30 minutes... emailed the company but they didn't give me any useful info about their flavoring. Except that it does contain alcohol (didn't give source). No way!! Still recovering...)
  • sometimes fruit
List of other foods from last few weeks:
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • cheese- Sargento sharp cheddar shredded or mozzarella string cheese. Tried shredded mozz last week on some pasta. Either the cheese or the ceramic dish I baked it in was a problem. Not fun.
  • plain yogurt- Stonyfield
  • butter- usually Meijer brand
  • fresh or frozen salmon- Depends on where it is on sale...
  • frozen tilapia- Meijer
  • olive oil
  • sea salt- Morton's and McCormick's
  • garlic
  • shallot
  • broccoli
  • asparagus
  • green beans
  • cucumbers
  • avocado
  • carrots
  • fresh fruit
  • salad mix of some sort, usually mixed greens or spinach, organic if on sale
  • Tinkyada pasta- usually eaten as mac and cheese with sauce: butter, touch of milk, touch of pasta water, and Sargento cheese OR have recently been making pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes, garlic, shallots, EVOO, fresh basil, and sea salt
  • Rice- lately seem to do better with white instead of brown (??), usually get Riceland brand
  • Enjoy Life chocolate chips- straight out of the bag, can't seem to risk baking anymore
  • All I ever drink is water besides my AM coffee.
Only other thing of which I partake are vitamins. I take vitamin D3 1000-2000 IUs daily and had been taking a multi on and off, both Freeda's. (Now going to be off due to what I think was a niacin-induced migraine yesterday... no other good explanation, was soon after normal food and decided to be "healthy" and take vitamin... Was horrible!!! Took a "nap" on the bathroom floor next to the waiting toilet, and thankfully went away after about 2 hours. Was supposed to be at lake in sun with friends. Epic fail.)

I find it very weird that my main source of protein is dairy. I would not have expected to be doing somewhat better with that as a large part of my diet. Would love to try nuts, but too scared. (Thought PB was ok, was wrong. Never did ask company if shared lines, etc. Should do.) Also beans. Have been burned too many times in the past. (To clarify, not the beans that burned, but me...)

What other sources of protein are possible?? With no chicken, beef, pork, eggs, legumes, nuts, or soy?

Might try ordering some nuts and beans online from places suggested on the forums. Too cheap at present, but might get up the nerve to shell out the cash once I've had enough with current hunger.

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