Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So I'm considering getting back into blogging. Though, as I type this, I have a very cranky 5-month-old whining at my side. Nothing seems to help except chewing on something constantly. I'm bouncing the bouncy chair with my foot, feeling guilty for "ignoring" her. (I have this complex about having to constantly be directly paying attention to her while she is awake, which is another post for another time.)

Apparently, teeth are quite annoying and painful.

So, I may or may not be reentering the blog-o-sphere (Is that really a word??). Reasons I would like to:

1. I like to write. Not necessarily for anyone else's benefit, but just because I like to. Unfortunately, many a journal have been started and subsequently eaten by dust bunnies for lunch. Maybe a blog would do it...

2. I like to share my experiences. Okay, maybe oversharing might be the word. I have nothing to hide; therefore, I sometimes go into more detail than many would care to hear. Plus, something about being a healthcare professional just kind of makes you not care if you talk about "taboo" subjects like poop or something.

I also have a lot of experiences that might be helpful for someone else to hear about, especially when it comes to food and such. And some baby stuff. I'm clearly an expert now...

Reasons why blogging may not be such a good idea:

1. See #2 above. Oversharing could be an issue. Though I may be blunt when writing, I'm also quite non-confrontational. Wouldn't want to offend people, start arguments, or (heaven forbid!) invite criticism.

Okay, that's really two things. This numbering thing is keeping my thoughts so organized... yet another reason not to blog right there? Stream of consciousness?

I could potentially dip into so many different topics, with no particular rhyme or reason as to why.

2. See intro. Said baby takes up just a little bit of my time, though I'm feeling much better than in previous months, thank you.

(Now I'm back after a hiatus that involved a poo-splosion, some silly songs, breastfeeding, and the beginnings of a nap... maybe...)

3. Ok, enough about why I shouldn't continue a blog. Here goes nothing. If you don't like it, don't read it. But if you want to read it, hope you enjoy!

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