Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trial and Error

I've been going along pretty well with my modified diet. Basically still all whole foods and SCD/GAPS legal except (and it's a BIG except) some Tinkyada pasta and Kinnikinnick pizza crusts. They don't seem to bother me more than anything else.

Until, I tried making a cake. I even used a mostly GAPS-friendly recipe. I'd been fighting a craving for chocolate cake for so long... I just finally had to do it. So I made it with coconut flour (which was new), honey (???), baking powder (most likely a no-no), coconut milk, obviously safe cocoa powder, and butter. I think that's about all.

Can't for the life of me figure out what exactly it was. I know lots and lots of ppl who use the traditional Clabber Girl baking powder with no probs. Don't think it was the cornstarch in it, as the pizza crusts I eat have corn. They apparently don't share lines in processing.

I had more of the Thai Kitchen coconut milk a few days later with no probs.

The honey was a weird one. It is dark honey I got from a local producer. It tastes fine, but I've suspected it before and thus put it in the back of the cabinet... But how would honey bee a problem?? (har-dee-har)

Got the coconut flour from Tropical Traditions. Appears to be as safe as you can get, gluten-wise.

Don't think it's just the coconut, since the milk has been fine since.

Anyway, have been dwelling on this for awhile now. Just need to think through all the possibilities.

Only other confounding factors: my awesome friends threw me a little baby shower last weekend. I ate some watermelon that one friend had cut up, although she said she was incredibly careful about CC. I also drank some Naked juice. Says GF, but does have natural flavors. I have wondered about it before. Can't just be from drinking juice, as I typically have some sort of juice about every day.

Hmm... just looked at the Naked juice site. Looks like there is shared production with a product that contains wheatgrass... interesting...

Perhaps my poor little cake is not to blame??

Too scared to take the rest out of the freezer and try it again. No matter how good it was. I was miserable, super hormonal (after all, I am about 9 months pregnant), and so beyond exhausted after last weekend that I vowed not to rock the boat again. At least til after SC Junior is here.

I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake.


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