Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long overdue update

SCD since November 1st, have tried a few things on and off. Here is my current list:

  • nightshades (except in spices)
  • eggs (even free-range, organic feed, not GF feed though... has some oats, possibly wheat)
  • nuts (had a bite of soaked, dehydrated almonds on Thursday, promptly took a 2-hour nap)
  • vinegar
  • cheese
  • alcohol
  • tea (as of this week, from the girl who roasts my coffee)
  • coffee (mostly decaf now, but I'm afraid she may have accidentally given me full caff this week... crazy hungry and felt weird for past 3 days!)
Sooo... the big question is.... am I getting anywhere?

Yes and no. Modest ups, somewhat less dramatic downs. Some days I have hope. Some days, I feel like I've been hanging out so much at Square One that I should consider redecorating.

I've identified issues beyond the simple flora imbalance. Well, it all obviously relates, but I have a serious mold/yeast issues that I only recently identified more clearly. Getting my bacterial flora back in balance will only help get that back in balance.

Still working on figuring out exactly how to "break the vicious cycle" since almost 2 months trying to do SCD and slowly introduce SCD-legal stuff hasn't really done a whole stinkin' lot. (and I realize it will take time, thank you very much for the reminder)

So many things to talk about... things I want to cover here over the next few weeks:
  • Foods/things I can't tolerate, and theories/info as to why
  • Probiotics (product choice is confusing as heck, even from a pharmacist's perspective)
  • Things I actually can eat!
  • Coping with having NO TIME to do anything but work and cook (hence, poor blogging follow-up skills)
  • Any new or interesting connections/information/articles I happen to find
Apology for the multiple uses of parentheses. (I seem to like adding comments as afterthoughts)

Here's to moving forward! Maybe I'll even get funky and try adding some pictures to liven things up a bit :)

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