Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Bread.

Remember eating crazy bread from Little Caesar's?? It's crazy all right. Random thought of the day...

Recently moved, don't have reliable internet at the new digs, so forgive me if I become even more AWOL.

So, what else have I learned in the meantime?

1. Don't eat M&Ms. Sorry.

Differential: M&Ms, McCormick garlic powder- NOT the gourmet line (everyone swears up and down it's ok, but they do for M&Ms too), or Sutter Home chenin blanc, which I've had without consequence before.

That's what I get for going mainstream for a day, I guess... Chocolate itself seems to be fine, as my coconut chocolate Larabars and Enjoy Life chocolate chips both fared just fine!

2. Sadly, on another chocolate note: No Betty Crocker brownies. Insert sad face here.

Differential: the brownies (which contain chocolate chips of uncertain origin, though the mix is produced in a dedicated facility), another McCormick product- chili powder- and this WAS the gourmet line, which I hear is possibly produced in a dedicated facility??

I can find basically NO info on anyone else with a BC mix reaction. The timing was pretty obvious. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my husband was willing to eat the rest of them. Which is great that they won't go to waste, but also means they are good enough for gluten-eaters!!

I spent Sunday in the worst fog I've had in quite awhile, and I haven't been well for over a week in the last few years. I couldn't think, couldn't talk, could barely function. It was awful. I am definitely starting to feel better today, though I'm sure it will be slow progress as usual!

In other news, tTG was still high, but not super high. Only 23, I'm told! So that is an improvement, but still reflects the horrible Rice Chips saga of late. Anti-endomysial was negative. I'm still waiting on an actual copy of my labs so I can evaluate them myself as well.

Over and out.

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